Grabber Seamless Belts

Hemant Vyapari Hemant Vyapari Head of Sales & Marketing

Grabber belts are customized for specific applications where product feeding or pulling is required. The compound selected is based on the coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance desired. Grabber belts are usually further segmented by application type.

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS)

This is a packaging application where products are put into plastic or foil bags and sealed. The belts pull the bag material and are also known as “bagger belts”. They are normally used in sets of two belts.

Grabber – Substrates

Base belt or “Substrate” of Grabber products can be:

Grabber Design / Production Capabilities
Dimensions Minimum Maximum
Length (circumference) 75 mm 4140 mm
Width 06 mm 406 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm 20 mm
New Natural Rubber Blend

The new A08 (tan) and C08 (green) natural rubber compound is the ideal extension to our standard range of rubber covers for Grabber belts.

This new rubber blend is particularly applicable for feeder belts in folder-gluers, as cover on pick-off belts in postal applications, and in vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machinery.

Field tests confirmed the following features:

Grabber – Primary Applications

Feeding or pulling products which requires high friction materials and include:

Grabber Applications – Feeder Belt Folder Gluer Grabber Applications – Capper Fabrications

Fabrication is a crucial part of the Grabber range. Available options include:

Value Proposition (Benefits)
Key features Your benefits
Durable and abrasion-resistant rubber Durable, maintenance-free processes
No hardening or cracking
No gumming or dusting
Long belt service life
Constant coefficient of friction Reliable and consistent grip
No glazing
Smooth transport of goods
Longer belt life Less downtime
Higher productivity
Lower belt life cycle cost

Grabber Seamless Belts

Grabber Seamless Belts

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