New Habasit Hard Polyolefin belt type PNB-12EITO for Tobacco Industry

Habasit P line belts are approved for direct tobacco contact and satisfy the most critical applications conveying sticky tobacco in high temperature and humidity environment.

Habasit’s extensive product portfolio supports almost all applications in the areas of:

  • Green leaf processing
  • Primary processing
  • Secondary manufacturing
  • Logistics
Application description
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    Tobacco Primary Packaging – Multi-functional belt for almost all applications including Discharging conveyor belt after casing cylinder

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Subject or proposed solution

The new high quality Hard TPO (Polyolefin) conveyor belt PNB-12EITO has been tested successfully in the tobacco primary packaging department.

The Habasit conveyor belt PNB-12EITO is running successfully without any problems and could achieve a longer life-time than comparable conveyor belts usually achieve under these difficult circumstances.

Special structure of the belt shows almost no discoloration, caused by the so called “casing sauce”. Joining is also not affected by sauces and remain in very good condition through whole lifetime. These two facts speak much better for the better belt “closed” conveying surface (less porosity). During production process of the belt a new special water base impregnation of belt fabric was used, which increases much more belt safety in terms of direct contact with tobacco.

Tobacco processing requirements

Tobacco processing requires a wide range of conveyor and processing belts. These are key machine elements that ensure the efficient and trouble-free flow of materials through every manufacturing stage. Habasit has developed an extensive array of solutions to allow you to choose the best conveyor belt for each application. All our developments are focused on meeting the rising safety standards within the tobacco industry. As a result, our P-Line products fully comply with pyrolysis regulations and FDA guidelines.

The innovative P-Line

This comprehensive product range of polyolefin-coated belts for the tobacco industry is now extended by products with a new thermoplastic polyester elastomer coating. “P” stands for:

  • Polyolefin and Polyester – the raw materials used
  • Pyrolysis compliant
  • Physiologically safe
  • Pure coatings and product construction – since there are no bonding layers or adhesives, when burning takes place no dangerous substances are set free, ensuring an environmentally friendly solution
  • Polyvalent – these belts can be used in a wide variety of applications in addition to tobacco fabric-based conveyor and processing belts

Specifically developed for the tobacco industry using the unique features of TPO and TPEE coating.

Read about its variety, features and benefits.

Belt cover materials

Green leaf and primary processing mainly:

TPO or Hard TPO Thermoplastic polyolefin
TPEE Copolyester thermoplastic
PET Polyester fabric, impregnated

Secondary manufacturing and packaging applications mainly:

PVC Polyvinylchloride
NBR Nitrile-butadiene-rubber (acrylonitrile-butadiene-rubber)

Belt surface structures

The belt surface plays a key role in each specific process step or function. The various surface structures and material properties support a multitude of functions.

The HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts

Drawing on our comprehensive experience and leadership in traditional fabric belting, Habasit’s state-of-the-art HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts complete our offering as a single-source supplier and partner for your success. Plastic modular belts are used in a wide range of industries.

Modular belt materials

PE Polyethylene
PP Polypropylene

Modular belt surfaces and structures

A wide variety of surfaces and structures are available for straight running and radius belts, including flat top, perforated flat top, grip top, flush grid, mesh, and nub top, as well as accessories such as ribs or flights (to hold product on inclines and declines), side plates (to stop material falling off) and/or high friction inserts (to prevent product slipping).

The HabaCHAIN® slat and conveyor chains

As a high-quality range of slat- and conveyor chain products, they are suitable for a multitude of applications in the tobacco, beverage, bakery, packaging, and many other industries.

Chain materials

PP Polypropylene (glass reinforced)
PBT Polybutylene terephthalate (natural, unmodified)

Chain shapes, surfaces and structures

Different surface shapes and design variations are available in both straight-running and radius /side flexing versions. HabaCHAIN®­ chains run on most systems and sprockets on the market today, and are fully compatible with industry standards enabling retrofits. The product range consist of slat top chains, low back pressure chains, flexi and multiflex chains, snap-on chains, and case chains.

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