Habasit® Cleanline solution to doughy problem

Fraying conveyor belts and stray fibres appearing in bread dough are common problems in the bakery industry and a frequent source of complaints from consumers. Therefore, Habasit has recently helped many of its bakery customers by installing Habasit Cleanline belts.

The new generation of Habasit Cleanline conveyor and processing belts adds improved wear resistance of the surface coating, while maintaining the proven properties of Habasit Cleanline conveyor belts.

Habasit Cleanline belts have an innovative coating material and the thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) provides excellent release properties. The Habasit Cleanline range is ideal for sticky dough release applications, with sticky products coming off its surface easily, the belt helps reduce waste and increases production. Therefore, enhanced cleanability alongside providing environmental benefits, using less water and detergent means less pollution. Habasit Cleanline belts consequently last longer and are more efficient.

One bakery customer was having an ongoing issue with belt fibres becoming matted, loosening and making their way into the raw dough. To address this application issue, Habasit provided the customer with a Cleanline CNW-6EB-A1 belt solution to replace its classic wool felt top belt.

Replacing the felt top belts with Habasit Cleanline CNW-6EB-A1 belting technology has resulted in a rise in hygiene and cleaning standards and a reduction in fibre contamination. Accordingly, the customer is no longer experiencing fibre loss from the top surface and the Habasit Cleanline belts offer better release properties than the original belt used.

Guarding against fibre loss

Other Habasit bakery customers were experiencing fibre loss from the edges of belts which were rubbing against conveyor guards.

“This was particularly bad at the ‘sticky wet dough’ stage of the process. Fibre loss issues causing contamination are often unseen on site and accordingly, manufacturers are unaware of its occurrence until customer complaints are received” says the Habasit Key Account Manager.

In this case, Habasit replaced the customer’s belt with a Cleanline Blue CNW-6EBC-A1 belt with an especially developed edge protection seal to reduce fraying. Therefore, it’s now possible for this bakery manufacturer to see contamination issues, if there are any, due to visible blue fibres in the dough.

Thanks to Habasit Cleanline, this bakery customer has experienced a significant reduction in fibre contamination resulting in fewer customer complaints and increasing product quality.

Habasit Cleanline belts can be used in many different applications and industries. This belt range is ideal for sticky and fragile goods, general conveying, metal detection and corner bends alongside many other applications. Due to their smooth and homogeneous surfaces Habasit Cleanline belts are perfect for sensitive processes, where a clean belt environment, hygienic conveying, efficiency and reliability are essential.

In conclusion, choosing Habasit Cleanline belts optimises the efficiency of the production process in an effective, hygienic manner. (LC)

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